rGroups are a great way for you to deepen your relationship with Jesus and with your Redeemer family. Meetups happen all around the Ponte Vedra and Jacksonville community.

We believe that joining together to pray as a family and dive deeper into His word is an important part of our culture. There is something powerfully unique about an intimate gathering around a living room, a small classroom, or a dining room table that forces us to think differently than when we are in a big room for worship.

We are always excited to journey through this time as a church family while engaging in personal discovery and community development. We are hopeful that these small gatherings will help build deeper friendships and connections.


  • Life Groups: These are home-based groups with a longer-term commitment (typically a year). As Life Groups will be the primary vehicle for connection, education, and pastoral ministry for our church, the ultimate goal is to have everyone involved in a Life Group, even if they are also involved in another rGroup. Life Groups will all study the same material, which currently is the sermon blog. Click the button below to sign up for a Life Group!

Sign up for a life group

  • Specialty Groups: These are small group Bible studies that are topically driven. Typically, they will last a semester and will cover a specific topic of interest to the group (i.e. Parenting, Finances, etc.). Check back here soon for more details!
  • Interest Groups: These groups will be those that are centered around a certain activity or interest, such as softball, wellness, or even boating. Though the primary idea is to provide a means for those with a common interest to connect, we do ask that those leading these groups encourage spiritual discussions and further connection through a Specialty Group or Life Group. Check back here soon for more details!


If you’re interested in leading a group, you can get more information by emailing Jerrett McConnell at jerrett@redeemerpv.com.