At Redeemer Church, we strive to equip, support, and send people all over our city and the world to fulfill the Great Commission. Although mission programs and the activities are diverse in nature, the goal of each is to “make disciples, baptize them, and teach them” as the Lord commanded. Redeemer Church’s missions program faithfully responds to Christ’s Great Commission mandate and maximizes the involvement in the congregation in the global harvest. Take a look below at some of the opportunities to serve our local community and check back here soon for more details on any upcoming missions trips we’re planning.


Okoa Refuge started as a home for orphaned and vulnerable children. Okoa founders, Tyler and Liv Workman, had a vision to rescue children from dire situations. As you can imagine, once they moved to Uganda in 2012, their vision and dream began to truly take shape. What started as a dream to care for a few children, became a vision to transform entire communities.

Okoa cares for two categories of sponsored children. The first kind are Residential. This means that they live at Okoa full time. Okoa is family and Okoa is home. The second kind are community kids. They live in their homes, but are sponsored by Okoa’s Community Empowerment Program.

For more information, click here, or stop by the Missions booth at church to chat with Leslie and Lumpy Workman for more information about Okoa and child sponsorships.


During Hurricane Season, we keep a close eye on storms all across the U.S. We understand the impact Mother Nature can have and want to offer support. If you’re interested in giving financially or volunteering your time, click the button below.

Hurricane Relief


At Redeemer, we believe in supporting not only our family but our church and community families as well. We have a number of missions we partner with:

Arbor Terrace Memory Care Facility
Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry
First Coast Women’s Services
MaliVai Washington Youth Foundation
Nocatee Farmer’s Market
Soup Kitchen at Mission House (prepare 1 meal a month)
Wildflower Clinic
World Relief Jacksonville
Worship Center Food Pantry
YouthQuake Live
Act 4 The Nations
CrossEyed Ministries
Go To Nations