Live a Life of Truth: Eph. 4:15

We are in Week 14 of our examination of Benedict of Nursia’s rules for Christian formation.  This week we’ll look at Rules 4.27-28: Live a Life of Truth.  Warren Wiersbe once said, “Truth without love is brutality, but love without truth is hypocrisy.”  As we’ve seen as we have walked down this ancient path, love really is the foundation of what we call discipleship.  At its core, being a disciple of Jesus is about being grounded in the love of God and then pouring that love into the lives of others. But for that love to be genuine, it must be firmly seated in the truth.  In this age that denies absolute truth, it is imperative that we remain firmly anchored to the truth of God’s word.

In the verses surrounding our passage, Paul gives a great analogy.  He compares the Christian whose faith is not anchored to truth to a ship lost and loose at sea, battered and storm-tossed by every societal trend or cunning scheme.  Though this analogy was written nearly 2,000 years ago, is there any better description of the plight faced by the modern Church?  In a society built on the shifting sands of popular opinion, there are those in the Church who are desperate to keep pace.  What the Scriptures say on an issue matters little.  Fear rules the day.  And because of fear, too many are willing to sacrifice Biblical truth on the altar of societal conformity in an effort to avoid being labeled intolerant.  In the name of being loving too many are pulling up the anchors of our faith, and before they know what has happened, they find themselves hopelessly tossed by the ever-changing winds of opinion.  These poor souls go on thinking that everything is ok.  They confuse movement with growth, not knowing that waves of societal opinion are pushing them ever closer to the rocks of disaster.

Though we are called to be a people of love, we must nevertheless remain anchored in truth.  When properly anchored to the truth of God’s Word, we remain effective and sure.  Think of it this way—a ship lost in the storm is a danger both to those on board and to those on any other vessel that may come across its path.  What was once an effective vehicle for its passengers has now become the very instrument of their demise.  But the ship that is anchored, that ship is secure.  The winds may shift and howl, and the waves may crash in fury, but all on board remain safe and sound.  More than that, the ship that is properly anchored remains a beacon of hope for those lost at sea, a place to which they can turn for salvation.

Let us be loving but let us always keep our love firmly anchored to the truth.


  1. Consider Wiersbe’s statement on truth and love.  How is truth without love brutal?  Have you experienced that?  How is love without truth hypocrisy?  Have you experienced that?
  2. How do we maintain that balance of truth and love?
  3. What are some ways Christians might forsake truth in the name of love?  How do we prevent that from happening?
  4. How does absolute truth anchor us in our faith?  Why would society fight so vigorously against the concept of absolute truth?  How do we stand for truth while still showing love?