rGroups at Redeemer Church

We understand that being part of a church is more than just attending worship services—it’s about connecting to other believers in a meaningful way that facilitates personal spiritual growth and the building of healthy relationships. At Redeemer Church we strive to achieve those goals through our rGroups ministry.


We have a number of groups that meet throughout the week at various locations in the greater Jacksonville area, and we would love the opportunity to assist you in connecting in a deeper, meaningful way through rGroups.  Whether you are wanting to participate in a Life Group or a group designed to minister to a specific need (i.e. blended families, widows, financial counseling, etc.), we have a place for you.

Check out the list below of the rGroups we are offering this fall! If you have any questions or cannot find a group that works for you, please reach out to our Discipleship Ministries Director, Jerrett McConnell.


Women – Ages 60+ [Ponte Vedra]

Thursday at 10am (except for during Joyfully 60+)

Group Leader: Auleen Harris

Location: Ponte Vedra Beach

Start Date: Spring 2023

Contact: auleenis@gmail.com

Young Married Couples [St. Johns]

Monthly meetings

Group Leader: Craig + Jill Stafford

Location: Julington Lakes Area

Start Date: Ongoing

Contact: craig14stafford@gmail.com

Young Adults [Jacksonville]

Mondays at 7pm

Host: Sam + Jessica Uhland

Location: Arlington Area

Start Date: Spring 2023

Contact: 904-624-9948

Parenting with V.I.S.I.O.N [Redeemer]

Wednesdays at 7pm | Childcare Provided

Group Leader: Joseph + Elizabeth Rowell

Location: Redeemer Church

Start Date: Spring 2023

Contact: josephrowell@gmail.com

Adults – All Ages [Nocatee]

Thursays at 5:45pm | Childcare Provided

Group Leader: Sean + Elizabeth Kelly

Location: Nocatee

Start Date: Spring 2023

Contact: 904-210-7313

Adults – Ages 60+ [Redeemer]

Every Other Thursday at 6:30PM

Group Leader: Julie McKay

Location: Redeemer Church

Start Date: Ongoing

Contact: juliemckay904@gmail.com

Adults – Couples All Ages [Nocatee]


Group Leader: Ryan + Erkia Spitzer

Group Host: Sam + Lindsey Wooten

Location: Nocatee

Start Date: Spring 2023

Contact: ErikaSpitzer@me.com

Men – All Ages [Ponte Vedra]


Group Leader: Len Golke

Location: Panera Bread Ponte Vedra

Start Date: Spring 2023

Contact: Lrgolke@msn.com 

Women – All Ages [Redeemer]

Wednesdays 3:45-6:15pm

Group Leader: Carole Smith + Melissa Turner

Location: Redeemer Church

Start Date: Ongoing

Contact: clsdgn@aol.com

Women – Single Adults [Jacksonville]

every other sunday at 5pm

Group Leader: Karen Wendzel

Location: Jacksonville

Start Date: Ongoing

Contact: 904-655-3118

Widow’s Hope Support [Redeemer]

3rd Sunday of the month at 12pm

Group Leader: Patty Shlafer

Location: Redeemer Church (Bring a lunch)

Start Date: Ongoing

Contact: pattylurz@gmail.com

Al-Anon – For Family of Those Who Struggle with Alcohol [Redeemer Church]

Wednesdays at 7pm

Group Leader: Diane O’Donoghue

Location: Redeemer Church – Room 208 (Childcare Provided)

Start Date: Ongoing

Contact: smarschool@aol.com

Adults – All Ages [Ponte Vedra]

Mondays at 6:30pm

Host: Jim + Nan Woods

Location: Del Webb Ponte Vedra

Start Date: Spring 2023

Contact: nanettewoods@gmail.com

Adults – All Ages [Intracoastal West]

Tuesdays at 7pm

Group Leader: Mark + Janet Baxter

Location: Atlantic Blvd. Area

Start Date: Spring 2023

Contact: janet.baxter58@yahoo.com

Adults – All Ages [North St. Augustine]


Group Leader: Dwight Hole

Group Host: Lumpy + Leslie Workman

Location: North St. Augustine Area

Start Date: Spring 2023

Contact: 904-813-6766 (Leslie Workman)

If you have further questions or are interested in either hosting or facilitating an rGroup, please contact our Discipleship Ministries Director, Jerrett McConnell.