There is a song by the popular group Casting Crowns which shares their rendition of “I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day.” The lyrics begin:

I heard the bells on Christmas day

Their old familiar carols play

And mild and sweet their songs repeat

Of peace on earth good will to men

In a world with so much despair, anger and fear how do we open our ears to hear bells and choirs singing of the true peacemaker, Jesus Christ?

How to hear the bells

1. Accept that Jesus Christ is constant

Having Jesus Christ as a constant in our lives everyday is a gift we’ve been given. A gift that we must accept with open hearts. He is everywhere, involved in everything. Knowing that means that we can have peace year round!

2. Thank Him

Parents know the feeling they get when their kids say thank you. When we thank Him, our Father gets that feeling too! Spend some quiet time in the morning reflecting on what you are thankful for and lift that gratitude up to God.

3. Show love to those around us

By acting in love, we show the people around us, that peace isn’t reserved just for Christmas day. Children have a need to be loved and as adults, we sometimes forget that we need that too. Loving our neighbors helps them and helps us at the same time.

4. Accept His love

Christmas is the very beginning of the celebration of Jesus’ birth and a night when an answer to peace came into the world.  God sent His only son for us because He loves us that much. Once we accept his love and plan for us, our ears will open to hear His call on our lives.

During the holiday season, and really any season, it’s tough to silence the noise around us and truly hear from Him. But it’s not impossible. So this Christmas:

“Do you hear the bells they’re ringing?

The life the angels singing

Open up your heart and hear them”