So many times when we talk about New Year’s resolution, all we can think about are the many years of failed promises we made. Negativity seeps in and coming up with a resolution is just a reminder of all the things we don’t like about our lives.

Fresh Start

I want to give a positive shout out to coming up with these resolutions at the beginning of each year. About 40 years ago I made a resolution, while at a church service on New Year’s Eve, that changed my life. I resolved to read the Bible every day. I was a junior in high school at the time, and since that night I have hardly ever missed a day where I didn’t spend at least a few minutes in the Word.

The new year offers us a fresh start unlike any other month. It’s a new beginning, a new year and new chance to change our lives.

It’s Simple!

Basically, a New Year’s resolution is just a simple goal to shoot for. Imagine packing your suitcases for vacation, loading the car, and getting the kids ready to head out. As you get in the car, you turn to your wife and say, “Okay, where do you want to go?” No Way! This would never happen. We always plan our vacations down to the very last detail. In fact, I think many of us spend more time planning our vacations than we do actually on the vacation.

Having goals to go after helps us be pro-active and not re-active. They help us make decisions when opportunities are presented, and encourage us as we make progress toward their achievement. In order for the GPS in our car to help us navigate, we need to enter the correct destination. Once we’ve done so, the decisions on where and when to turn become much easier. The “destination” is our resolution and that makes the trip much more enjoyable.

So make some New Year’s resolutions and dream a little. Who knows, you might enjoy the journey a bit more while experiencing a sense of fulfillment like never before.